Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanks taken

I wrote this poem yesterday, following the great food and time with Esther's family. I am so thankful for Esther. I love her very much. I have so much to be thankful, but I would be lying if I told you that I am as thankful as I should be.

As the Bible says in Romans 8:12, " Therefore, brethren, we are debtors, not to the flesh, to live after the flesh," I know that if it were not for God, I would not have any blessings. If you read this verse as it comes down through the chapter, you would notice that God is dealing with men about how to live unto him, not through the flesh, but through the Spirit. With all Christ has done for us, we are in his debt. We shouldn't receive gifts from him, but he should receive offerings of praise through a heart of gratitude, knowing where we deserve to be, and that is in Hell. Were it not for his compassion, his mercy, his grace, his justice, his righteousness, I would have overlooked my sinful condition and neglected the God that died for me. Thank God for his longsuffering, and for the many opportunities I was given to hear the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, and I definately want to thank him for what he has done in saving me eternally.

This poem speaks of the neglect this country has for God. We have named the holiday
Thanksgiving, but how seldom do we even think of all God has done for us and all we have to be thankful for. Before Thanksgiving even comes, stores are gearing up for Christ-mass, streets are lined with messages of gifts and buying.

So many church organizations are spreading the message to "Keep Christ in Christmas." I don't hate people for celebrating Christmas, I just wish Christians, first of all, would stop following the path of the world and stop taking God out of Thanksgiving and especially out of their churches. How soon do we forget what God has done. Please don't simply celebrate a day. Remember to give God the glory and thanksgiving for all he has done. One day of giving thanks, just because it is the national holiday, can't suffice, but in all the things that you want to get done over these days, whether it be for the Thanksgiving day, or in preparations for Christ-mass, please remember to not take away the thanks that God deserves.

Please enjoy...

Daniel Pollard

Thanks taken

Right after the time of family gathering
and sitting around the table,
stuffing ourselves till the memories
of ever having that grumbling feeling
are buried deep under a tundra
of mashed potatoes, and corn, and turkey,
separated by an hour of desserts
we say we eat just once a year,
but they’ll be back again in just a month.
We gather under the realm of thanks,
and remember all we have for that fleeting moment
while the turkey is roasting,
and the stomachs are reeling
at the thought of grandma’s pumpkin pie.
Something happens to our memories
as the day turns to moonlit crest.
Our thanks flees away into the swinging doors
with ‘that’s mine’ written all over it
in the season of asking for more
from a fat scotch-drowned impersonator.
Soon, lists are made of gifts we don’t deserve,
gifts we are so unthankful for
come through a season that has a droopy shade of red and green
with sprinkled snowflakes covering it.
We spread the streets with wooden soldiers
and forget the thanks before the past season dawns.
Each time the thanks gets shorter, and the eating gets more.
We forget the God that gave us plenty,
and set to the couch to watch the glory’s of men
paraded down broadway and punted from the endzone.
We forsake our thanks, and bring in a season of hope and cheer
with cursing and bitterness ringing in the holiday festivities.
We are so rich in bounty,
yet so quiet in our praise of the Almighty.
Something has drained our hearts of thanksgiving,
and giving it the title to be remembered but once a year.
If we, being so full, forget the One who gave,
feel no surprise when he retricts the blessings he has given.