Thursday, December 3, 2009

God is Life

Here's a short one. The idea to this blog may not be very clear yet, but because I love to write, I want to give others the opportunity to read some of the stuff I have written. Feel free to say if it was garbage. Sure, people say when stuff is to their liking, but it is rare when someone cuts down the writer, and says they couldn't understand it, or even if it was shallow. Please feel free. Keep me from the sin of pride. Too much praise is unbalanced.

One reason why I love Esther, among the millions, is that she is not afraid to let me know if something needs work. She, a close second to God, is my great inspiration. I love her very much.
Please enjoy...

God Is Life

God is life, God is love,
Omniscient author from above.
Such a question of His being
Something still my eyes not seeing.
All the fancies of this world
Loving hands have all unfurled.
What is my life without Him
Cares, desires fading dim.
All care for sparrows of the skies
Never closing are His eyes.
Before this sentence e’er began
My thoughts He knew, each breath, each ban.
God is life, God is love,
Omniscient author from above.