Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Is God Leading or Am I?

This month has sure been sour when it comes to writing. It has been a long time since I have written on here, so long in fact that I forgot my password for a short bit.
"The Lord is good, a stronghold in the day of trouble, and he knoweth them that trust in him." What a blessing to have God, the very God, in my heart. The very same God that created the universe is the one that gave me physical life, and thank God for the spiritual life he gave me through the Lord Jesus Christ when I trusted him as my Savior.
When I got saved, I was given, as are all born again men and women, the indwelling Holy Spirit. With the Holy Spirit's power, I was made a clean, completely new creature in Christ.
Though it seems so simple, that is salvation. But on the note that I was meaning to get to... God doesn't want us to just stumble, and stagnate, and sin like it doesn't matter when we get saved. He wants to keep us pure (Ph. 4:8); he wants us to flee from sin (II Tim. 2:22); he wants us to keep our eyes from evil (Job 31:1). This all will keep us clean in this very dirty world.
So very often I don't serve God the way I know I should. I thank God for his longsuffering in those many cases. The things I think that I should do for Christ, the plans I have for my life, I am finding them to be so much more grieving to God than outward displays of rebellion sometimes. This is because I try to do so much on my own without surrendering to him. I do things in my flesh rather than to please Christ with the offering of my life. Sure, I know I can't make God any better or more substantial by giving him my life. But he desires a heart that gives him of what he has so freely given already.
Please enjoy...
Is God Leading or Am I?

Where I want to go is comfort;
where pressure never comes;
with settled ease and spoil,
and a relaxed mind finds home.

To serve the Lord in my mind;
to think I’m doing much;
to work around the fear of knowing
that idleness is my crutch.

When sentiment says, “good job son,
you’ve done all that you can do,”
and I hear the cries from other men,
“what a man are you!”

The common sense thoughts, they set in
to do what fits the best;
where I can serve the greatest need,
But forget about the rest.

But if I go where God deems right,
I’ll do and go where placed,
and think not that my talents have set
the course for my least waste.

Where God leads may have turmoil;
persecution, sure will be.
The fruit will not be cause to doubt
though few I’ll get to see.

When Christ sent out disciples,
he warned of failure’s fate;
how inevitable the pain would be,
but this is not cause to quit.

God wants me to go where senses shut down;
where my own desires are gone,
and though few may hear, and God’s name they curse,
obedience is no reason to frown.

I think that I know where God may lead:
the places where I’m most prepared,
what I went to school for, or practiced the most,
but God leads when I have surrendered.

I think that He’ll send where I see the need;
where I can do the most work,
but no, not a chance, He’ll use a humble man
who’ll go anywhere and God’s will won’t shirk.

The places I’d go, God may send away
so my comforts are tested and tried,
and no fruit may come, but serve Him I will
that, not me, but God ‘s satisfied.

Monday, March 29, 2010

If God is Not the Head

What couple looks at their relationship and wishes its utter demise at first glance? What couple thinks their years together could have been an utter waste as they watch the fights and arguments over complete nonsense? What couple would have dared spend an hour in some unnecessary activity, though it may not have been sinful, if they had known that those hours could have been used to be with the one that needed them most? This all seems completely clear, though being seen in hindsight. Granted we have a much better view of what caused the argument, we know that things could be so much better than they have been. And to think how we could have, so simply, shut our mouths and given in, but we have to be the big man and put our proverbial foot down. There is so much to say to a person, not unlike me, (for those of you wondering why I didn't just say this is about me...well...I just did) who can't help but criticize everything about someone else, but when someone else steps on our toes, we freak out and throw stuff like a five year old throwing a temper tantrum. Why is that? Well, to me it seems plain and quite simple. We think everybody who smokes, drinks, commits adultery, and all other rude and illicit sins that smack God in the face and wish to say how much better we are than God, well, we think we must be so much better than them. But to be rebellious to God, to think we can live without him in our everyday lives, to remain in anger is NOT THAT BAD. Until a person gives in to God, and surrenders to him, they will never have peace, or sustaining joy. The same is said of a couple. Until the husband gives himself fully to God to make him the head of all matters of faith and practice in that home, they will never have peace and joy; and until a wife submits to God and makes the husband the head of the home, realizing that she is submitting to the husband as unto the Lord then that home will never have peace and joy.
Please enjoy...

If God is Not the Head

If God is not the head
What sadness will impart.
If God is not the head
That home should never start.
If God is not the head
The bliss will soon be lost.
If God is not the head
Joy’s end will be the cost.
If God is not the head
Who guides to where leads best?
If God is not the head
Stayed love will be a test.
If God is not the head
Such anger will set in.
If God is not the head
Longsuffering will wear thin.
If God is not the head
Self-love will soon take place.
If God is not the head
Time for others will seem a waste.
If God is not the head
The order is reversed.
If God is not the head
Your home will seem though cursed.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

In a Moment

Satan tried to tempt Jesus with the kingdoms of the world. He offered him everything this world had to offer, everything Adam and Eve gave up when the ate the fruit. Notice how long it took him to show them to Jesus. Beware, for you could get a migrane from reading this many words in limited lighting. Notice: Luke 4:5 "in a moment of time." Wow, brain cramp city! This world has nothing to offer to Jesus. Being a child of God gives me all the inheritance of Christ, and he joyfully offers those treasures to his bride. Notice also that Jesus did not take that offer. Consider that temptation has no drawing when the thing being offered is not of value to you. So when your life is hid with Christ in God, and you love him, the offerings of temptation that will surely come will not be any bit of a desire to you.
Please enjoy...

In a Moment

The liar showed the full kingdoms this world offers
He spread them in a moment right before.
Reject them, Christ did, for one day he will
Take them, then with fire he’ll all restore.

Those kingdoms soon lose their luster and glory
And the comers find them rank and become bored
But at Christ’s right hand and presence you’ll find soon enough
That there are pleasures forevermore.

In a moment, the liar offered ceasing substance,
And losing the Lord would be the end.
But Christ, in a moment, the trumpet will blast
And those who have believed through faith will ascend.

What a time when we so quickly are caught away
If Oh, for that moment to be now.
But until that day, I’ll faithfully serve
Till that moment, each moment will count.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Why Can You Not Believe God's Word

In Bible school, we have been talking about the preservation of the Authorized Version of the Bible. The perfection of God's word is often questioned by professors and men with titles. So in comes this poem.
Please enjoy...

Why Can You Not Believe God’s Word

Why can you not believe God’s word
What makes it so despised?
And when did God make you the man,
To whom he’d go, so wise.

Though God has said he’d keep his word
Forever, you would question.
And what makes you the authority
Of how long it would last then?

His word God placed above Christ’s name,
And all at his feet will kneel.
What boldness then to call it flawed
And change it by how you feel.

Original writings can ne’er be sought
Though scholars will say they exist.
But question their school, and rebellious they’ll call you
For at the man of God, you shook your fist.

God never said he’d inspire men,
But his word he said that he would
Give inspiration, to all, not just some.
Yet titles say he never could.

Believe that a book could be written by God
They smile and say they believe,
But big-shot professors will bluff and run circles
‘round students they’ll so quickly deceive.

But God said that it is, right now, yet preserved
And he said that he could not lie
And Biblical proof says God’s keeps his word
So I’ll trust him, but liars will fry.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Spirit of Anger

The Bible says, in Ephesians 4:26, "Be ye angry, and sin not: let not the sun go down upon your wrath." Anger can be a good thing when it is against that which is evil and ungodly. God has righteous indignation. But an angry attitude is one that looses its cool whenever it doesn't get its way. I am ashamed to say that I know this from experience. Please pray for me when you think on this subject. Anger will take joy. Don't let it into your life.
Please enjoy...

The Spirit of Anger

Anger causes me to lose control;
to lose faith;
to lose reason.
Anger causes me to think without desire;
to think without hope;
to think without rational;
Anger causes me to decide apart from God;
to decide apart from freedom;
to decide apart from righteousness.
Anger cannot force me,
though in its wake, anger is the excuse,
though in the last draw, anger has its draining effect.
Anger is controlling toward feeling,
that expels that which is holy,
which takes the mind from generous love,
and threatens the soul with backsliding.
Anger is a sin, and until seen as such,
anger will still cause the flesh
to do that which the soul has denied for so long.
Anger has pride at heart,
and good at stake.
Anger is pathetic when it is not against sin;
when it is not against wrong;
when it is not against unrighteousness.
Anger needs only the Spirit to be removed,
or it will remove the Spirit;
or it will take it all.
Someone must die.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Something to Tell

Being a Bible-believing Christian is different from what many people think it is. To be a Bible-believing Christian would require that person to speak openly to others about the Saviour, Jesus Christ, though ridicule, shame, and anger would be brought their way. To be a Bible-believing Christian means that others will be offended with Christ, they will tell you to keep your religion in the church, though many churches are teaching nothing about Jesus, but are rather casting doubt on the Bible and are holding holding parties and weekend dances. The Bible teaches plainly to go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. Regardless of the effect it has, we are to preach the gospel. God's will, to every born again believer, is to tell others about the only way. May we not be ashamed of our Lord Jesus.
Please enjoy... but if you don't, I'm not going to stop writing nor will I be offended.

Something to Tell

Linger not to tell the truth to all,
with others who’ll bear the news
of a God-man who rose, none other
than Christ, the King of the Jews.

Hasten to awaken the saddened heart
with joyous song and mirth;
they wander in need of a person to tell
of his triumphant virgin birth.

Some mocked, some jeered, some sadly proclaimed
that they didn’t believe this man’s word
who said he is God, the Savior of all;
an idea such as that thought absurd.

Without such a peep from one ashamed,
still holding their breath, all the while
a God who can save is offering life
to the sinner, the wicked, the vile.

Please do not hold back to bear the glad news,
of the one who’ll remove the curse
of sin - has been born, he died, he arose;
no other has suffered death worse.

He came to die, take on him men’s sin,
a sacrifice perfection must please;
it was not for himself; he looked through the cross
to conquer death’s cruel disease.

Twas’ for us he died,
this joy before him was set;
inheritance given, not gained through the blood
of the Son of God whom he did beget.

Friday, January 22, 2010

America, One Nation Over God

I can't help but write these poems when our nation has rejected God in everything we do, and then we blame God for our neglect. We think we can fix the problem through our efforts apart from God. Maybe our motto is One Nation Under God, but our belief is that we are over the God we don't believe in. Is it any wonder why we are in the mess we are in?
Please enjoy...

America, One Nation Over God

We fly the flag with freedom and count it sacrilege
to throw away or even trample on it
turning our freedom into a lack of respect
yet we remember not those who have died
to bring us this freedom for that they have fought
with blood-stained brow to win
what we hold so flippantly with neglect.

We are so bold as to take the stand
on our money notes
and quote one nation under God
yet remove his name from all our actions
and ignore his truths in our lives.

We speak of freedom of speech
and use it to be allowed to say any word we feel so enabled
and find it pleasing to open these sepulchres
to speak profane abuses of morality and righteousness
and blaspheme God and ridicule his preachers
for preaching freely and telling of the God who loves us.

We legalize our churches to do, and work, and strive
to gain entrance into heaven through means of our own way
we seek, and not a few, with a declaration
to please a God that has already provided the way
and when shown from God’s word that Christ already did the work
and leaves for us to call on him alone
we cast it off as hate speech for being from a legalistic God.

We force this God out of our public processes
with a disdain for the God that governs righteously
to bring in humanist propaganda
and devolve the practice of law to put a person
who cannot know sin, in our viewpoint, to a punishment
for doing something we say that he cannot control
and prove this practice as utter foolishness.

We intend to disembowel our children’s minds
to no longer see this God’s beauty through his creation
but attest to our own struggle to bring peace
through the making of something no man can attain to
and when given light of this vast structured system
we say, with proof of our foolish ways, that God does not exist.

We are no longer a nation under
the controlling influence of an Almighty God
but a nation of fools who are trying to be our own gods
and bring in our own form of peace
while saying that each should live unto the way they know best
and that way is complete failure and will end up in bitter destruction.

We have not caused this God to be our leader
yet vainly desired him to take a seat
while we destroy what he once reserved to bless
and have with surety made God to be trampled upon in our thoughts.

Tell me then why should this all-powerful God
not take his blessings away
nor his safety from evil
judgment is not in view to so many
for when it comes it will be with swift hand
and with an unaided reservation for those
who oppose themselves against God and all this is of God.