Monday, February 15, 2010

Why Can You Not Believe God's Word

In Bible school, we have been talking about the preservation of the Authorized Version of the Bible. The perfection of God's word is often questioned by professors and men with titles. So in comes this poem.
Please enjoy...

Why Can You Not Believe God’s Word

Why can you not believe God’s word
What makes it so despised?
And when did God make you the man,
To whom he’d go, so wise.

Though God has said he’d keep his word
Forever, you would question.
And what makes you the authority
Of how long it would last then?

His word God placed above Christ’s name,
And all at his feet will kneel.
What boldness then to call it flawed
And change it by how you feel.

Original writings can ne’er be sought
Though scholars will say they exist.
But question their school, and rebellious they’ll call you
For at the man of God, you shook your fist.

God never said he’d inspire men,
But his word he said that he would
Give inspiration, to all, not just some.
Yet titles say he never could.

Believe that a book could be written by God
They smile and say they believe,
But big-shot professors will bluff and run circles
‘round students they’ll so quickly deceive.

But God said that it is, right now, yet preserved
And he said that he could not lie
And Biblical proof says God’s keeps his word
So I’ll trust him, but liars will fry.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Spirit of Anger

The Bible says, in Ephesians 4:26, "Be ye angry, and sin not: let not the sun go down upon your wrath." Anger can be a good thing when it is against that which is evil and ungodly. God has righteous indignation. But an angry attitude is one that looses its cool whenever it doesn't get its way. I am ashamed to say that I know this from experience. Please pray for me when you think on this subject. Anger will take joy. Don't let it into your life.
Please enjoy...

The Spirit of Anger

Anger causes me to lose control;
to lose faith;
to lose reason.
Anger causes me to think without desire;
to think without hope;
to think without rational;
Anger causes me to decide apart from God;
to decide apart from freedom;
to decide apart from righteousness.
Anger cannot force me,
though in its wake, anger is the excuse,
though in the last draw, anger has its draining effect.
Anger is controlling toward feeling,
that expels that which is holy,
which takes the mind from generous love,
and threatens the soul with backsliding.
Anger is a sin, and until seen as such,
anger will still cause the flesh
to do that which the soul has denied for so long.
Anger has pride at heart,
and good at stake.
Anger is pathetic when it is not against sin;
when it is not against wrong;
when it is not against unrighteousness.
Anger needs only the Spirit to be removed,
or it will remove the Spirit;
or it will take it all.
Someone must die.