Sunday, November 29, 2009


This poem is for all those who have been in a church, and felt it was nicer going than coming. So many people boast of having a friendly assembly, but if everyone was like them, you would never know it. Props to those who actually try to show people that being a Christian should be evidenced in a friedly face, a smile, and a 'better than what the world can offer' type attitude. To those people who have been in church for years and still have the same 'who cares about you' attitude, may this poem be a warning of how annoying you are to other Christians. Please stop hurting the cause of Christ. Love Daniel:)


I walk to the door
of your less-than-graceful assembly;
no greetings satisfy my ears;
only the stinging sound
of the nearby church bell in the corridor
as is smacks the sides of my brain
in a fluid left and right motion,
yelling for me to distance myself from the premises.
It’s screams open my pores,
howling through the fog
and the dripping
coming from the overhanging roof.
As I enter, eyes grimace for me to leave.
The organ flouts out a sound
of condescending discrimination.
The seat I take has scurrying lunatics
who file to the other side.
The tiny girl’s eyes grow big
as I plop down next to her mommy.
Shoulders turn away from me;
heads, from in front, glaze back
to see what has just intruded.
The usher walks to the opening of the pew,
stops and gestures
for me to take the packet from his hand,
never saying a word.
I open it and read:
Welcome to our friendly church…