Monday, January 4, 2010

Ignorance of Evolution

If there is anything in this world that I have come to despise, yea, I truly loathe the thought of, is this whole idea that evolution is true, there is no God, and all Christians are just ignorant fools looking for a crutch. I, though a fool with a great cause, am not looking for a crutch. Jesus Christ is no crutch to me; he is a stretcher. It takes much more faith to believe a God created than nothing just became.
Another idea I have in mind in this poem is the concentrated effort by man to think that they can fix this world. May I suggest the reason for abortions, teen pregancy, murder, etc. is that man is teaching their students the religion of EVILution and wondering why they are acting in such animalistic manners. Maybe it is that they truly believe what is being expressed in the classroom. Could it be that they are really acting as the Bible has said they would when they reject God? Nah, couldn't be.
Please enjoy...

The Ignorance of Evolution

We teach our children from whence they came
is alike to the monkey’s kin.
We tell them that embracing the whole
of life is the motive to live.
With fantasy, magic, and witchcraft, we say
there is nothing our minds cannot do,
and educate hard and you might change the course
of humanities ignorant few.
Wonders of science, falsely so called,
with theories made to be fact,
while Biblical truths, which never prov’n false,
are constantly being attacked.
“A God who created? one must be a fool,”
they say, “to believe such a lie”
as they stick up their nose at the heavens he made,
and think of the things they might find.
And think they have won, the decision is made,
the lie of this fake God is shown;
so go slink in your hole now, and wave the white flag
for it seems that our cover is blown.
We can’t teach how he made the heavens and man
when the majority is speaking it nay,
though God, filling all, says he alone is,
and those who reject, will kneel one day.
They do not fear God,
what a dire mistake to one who will bow at his feet;
I’d rather trust now, and know he is truth
then deny him and find hell for me.
He gave breath to those who strictly reserve
the use of their breath to blaspheme
the God of the way, the truth, and the life
their ignorance to them is unseen.
If teaching says, “apes you are from” then don’t be
surprised at the evidence you see,
your pupils doing such as you say that they are;
the banana doesn’t fall far from the tree.