Monday, January 18, 2010

The Last Great Victory

Satan, the serpent, the great enemy of God, through pride has tried to turn man against God. Through pride, Satan who at one time was Lucifer, fell. Through pride, he thinks that he will overthrow God. Satan has been told of his defeat, and contrary to many Christian's beliefs, Satan is not stupid. He knows the final outcome. The Bible speaks very plainly about the serpent's head being crushed by the seed of the woman. God's word has declared the end of sin, the end of the man of sin, the defeat of death, but Satan doesn't just give in. This poem is contrived from the blessing we have as believers to know that this wicked one will be cast into the lake of fire one day, and OUR SAVIOR will be the victor. Praise God for a better hope than what Satan could ever offer.
Please enjoy...

The Last Great Victory

In eternal zest and power
You raise the riots hand
And strike with such empassioned force
At all their sorry band.

A host of millions ran one off
And laughs as though they’ve won
Yet in few days Christ proved that he
Is God’s eternal Son.

The serpent jests a sneer and hiss,
“You may have gained hearsay,
But I will stand again, not bend
Though you will bow that day.

An army, comes with all its pomp
It gathers all it’s kind
To take out God and all his host
But they’ll in Armaggedon find

This God, though ancient in his days
Is not a venerable, weak lout
Who lost his goings at the cross
And stands not firm and stout.

He rides a white horse
Swift and keen, not turning left nor right
But frank it rides, on with its glee
To watch its master’s fight

A moment, and He speaks the word,
“Burn,” and the foes begin to roast
It brings songs and cheers to the following band
As the enemies are toast

The wonder of the serpent’s way
His welsh when speaking false
But God Almighty speaks and all
He says it comes to pass

The end will come when God locks the key
Of death and hell to bind
The serpent fast in the lake of fire
To burn with none to mind.