Thursday, March 4, 2010

In a Moment

Satan tried to tempt Jesus with the kingdoms of the world. He offered him everything this world had to offer, everything Adam and Eve gave up when the ate the fruit. Notice how long it took him to show them to Jesus. Beware, for you could get a migrane from reading this many words in limited lighting. Notice: Luke 4:5 "in a moment of time." Wow, brain cramp city! This world has nothing to offer to Jesus. Being a child of God gives me all the inheritance of Christ, and he joyfully offers those treasures to his bride. Notice also that Jesus did not take that offer. Consider that temptation has no drawing when the thing being offered is not of value to you. So when your life is hid with Christ in God, and you love him, the offerings of temptation that will surely come will not be any bit of a desire to you.
Please enjoy...

In a Moment

The liar showed the full kingdoms this world offers
He spread them in a moment right before.
Reject them, Christ did, for one day he will
Take them, then with fire he’ll all restore.

Those kingdoms soon lose their luster and glory
And the comers find them rank and become bored
But at Christ’s right hand and presence you’ll find soon enough
That there are pleasures forevermore.

In a moment, the liar offered ceasing substance,
And losing the Lord would be the end.
But Christ, in a moment, the trumpet will blast
And those who have believed through faith will ascend.

What a time when we so quickly are caught away
If Oh, for that moment to be now.
But until that day, I’ll faithfully serve
Till that moment, each moment will count.