Wednesday, December 23, 2009

He Came...

It has been a while since I have last written on my blog. My apologies. I have been trying to write everyday, but it seems that my lack of writing at home has caused me to stay off of my blog. I claim no excuses. I will try to do better, honest :)
Please enjoy...

He came…

Since long ago, it has not been
for one like it to show–
a star that brightened yonder sky
with it’s fantastic glow.
The shepherds just one night a year;
they’d lie not as the door,
but watch their sheep all through the night
t’was the eve the child was born.
He did not come with trumpets
or with seraph’s all around.
He did not come with jewels
or with kingly robe or crown.
This tiny child, this Savior, JESUS–
he came for all to see.
The baby Jesus came as with a shepherd’s company.
No thronging crowds, no joyful choirs
to stand, and cheer, and sing–
just a stable inn of lowly birth
t’was fit for this king.
You see the birth of Jesus came
much like his death, you know.
This Jesus, he was born to die
to shed his crimson flow.
The shepherds watched,
the people came
to tell glad tidings great.
But it’s not just his birth we cheer,
but his death we celebrate.