Friday, January 22, 2010

America, One Nation Over God

I can't help but write these poems when our nation has rejected God in everything we do, and then we blame God for our neglect. We think we can fix the problem through our efforts apart from God. Maybe our motto is One Nation Under God, but our belief is that we are over the God we don't believe in. Is it any wonder why we are in the mess we are in?
Please enjoy...

America, One Nation Over God

We fly the flag with freedom and count it sacrilege
to throw away or even trample on it
turning our freedom into a lack of respect
yet we remember not those who have died
to bring us this freedom for that they have fought
with blood-stained brow to win
what we hold so flippantly with neglect.

We are so bold as to take the stand
on our money notes
and quote one nation under God
yet remove his name from all our actions
and ignore his truths in our lives.

We speak of freedom of speech
and use it to be allowed to say any word we feel so enabled
and find it pleasing to open these sepulchres
to speak profane abuses of morality and righteousness
and blaspheme God and ridicule his preachers
for preaching freely and telling of the God who loves us.

We legalize our churches to do, and work, and strive
to gain entrance into heaven through means of our own way
we seek, and not a few, with a declaration
to please a God that has already provided the way
and when shown from God’s word that Christ already did the work
and leaves for us to call on him alone
we cast it off as hate speech for being from a legalistic God.

We force this God out of our public processes
with a disdain for the God that governs righteously
to bring in humanist propaganda
and devolve the practice of law to put a person
who cannot know sin, in our viewpoint, to a punishment
for doing something we say that he cannot control
and prove this practice as utter foolishness.

We intend to disembowel our children’s minds
to no longer see this God’s beauty through his creation
but attest to our own struggle to bring peace
through the making of something no man can attain to
and when given light of this vast structured system
we say, with proof of our foolish ways, that God does not exist.

We are no longer a nation under
the controlling influence of an Almighty God
but a nation of fools who are trying to be our own gods
and bring in our own form of peace
while saying that each should live unto the way they know best
and that way is complete failure and will end up in bitter destruction.

We have not caused this God to be our leader
yet vainly desired him to take a seat
while we destroy what he once reserved to bless
and have with surety made God to be trampled upon in our thoughts.

Tell me then why should this all-powerful God
not take his blessings away
nor his safety from evil
judgment is not in view to so many
for when it comes it will be with swift hand
and with an unaided reservation for those
who oppose themselves against God and all this is of God.