Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Something to Tell

Being a Bible-believing Christian is different from what many people think it is. To be a Bible-believing Christian would require that person to speak openly to others about the Saviour, Jesus Christ, though ridicule, shame, and anger would be brought their way. To be a Bible-believing Christian means that others will be offended with Christ, they will tell you to keep your religion in the church, though many churches are teaching nothing about Jesus, but are rather casting doubt on the Bible and are holding holding parties and weekend dances. The Bible teaches plainly to go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. Regardless of the effect it has, we are to preach the gospel. God's will, to every born again believer, is to tell others about the only way. May we not be ashamed of our Lord Jesus.
Please enjoy... but if you don't, I'm not going to stop writing nor will I be offended.

Something to Tell

Linger not to tell the truth to all,
with others who’ll bear the news
of a God-man who rose, none other
than Christ, the King of the Jews.

Hasten to awaken the saddened heart
with joyous song and mirth;
they wander in need of a person to tell
of his triumphant virgin birth.

Some mocked, some jeered, some sadly proclaimed
that they didn’t believe this man’s word
who said he is God, the Savior of all;
an idea such as that thought absurd.

Without such a peep from one ashamed,
still holding their breath, all the while
a God who can save is offering life
to the sinner, the wicked, the vile.

Please do not hold back to bear the glad news,
of the one who’ll remove the curse
of sin - has been born, he died, he arose;
no other has suffered death worse.

He came to die, take on him men’s sin,
a sacrifice perfection must please;
it was not for himself; he looked through the cross
to conquer death’s cruel disease.

Twas’ for us he died,
this joy before him was set;
inheritance given, not gained through the blood
of the Son of God whom he did beget.

Friday, January 22, 2010

America, One Nation Over God

I can't help but write these poems when our nation has rejected God in everything we do, and then we blame God for our neglect. We think we can fix the problem through our efforts apart from God. Maybe our motto is One Nation Under God, but our belief is that we are over the God we don't believe in. Is it any wonder why we are in the mess we are in?
Please enjoy...

America, One Nation Over God

We fly the flag with freedom and count it sacrilege
to throw away or even trample on it
turning our freedom into a lack of respect
yet we remember not those who have died
to bring us this freedom for that they have fought
with blood-stained brow to win
what we hold so flippantly with neglect.

We are so bold as to take the stand
on our money notes
and quote one nation under God
yet remove his name from all our actions
and ignore his truths in our lives.

We speak of freedom of speech
and use it to be allowed to say any word we feel so enabled
and find it pleasing to open these sepulchres
to speak profane abuses of morality and righteousness
and blaspheme God and ridicule his preachers
for preaching freely and telling of the God who loves us.

We legalize our churches to do, and work, and strive
to gain entrance into heaven through means of our own way
we seek, and not a few, with a declaration
to please a God that has already provided the way
and when shown from God’s word that Christ already did the work
and leaves for us to call on him alone
we cast it off as hate speech for being from a legalistic God.

We force this God out of our public processes
with a disdain for the God that governs righteously
to bring in humanist propaganda
and devolve the practice of law to put a person
who cannot know sin, in our viewpoint, to a punishment
for doing something we say that he cannot control
and prove this practice as utter foolishness.

We intend to disembowel our children’s minds
to no longer see this God’s beauty through his creation
but attest to our own struggle to bring peace
through the making of something no man can attain to
and when given light of this vast structured system
we say, with proof of our foolish ways, that God does not exist.

We are no longer a nation under
the controlling influence of an Almighty God
but a nation of fools who are trying to be our own gods
and bring in our own form of peace
while saying that each should live unto the way they know best
and that way is complete failure and will end up in bitter destruction.

We have not caused this God to be our leader
yet vainly desired him to take a seat
while we destroy what he once reserved to bless
and have with surety made God to be trampled upon in our thoughts.

Tell me then why should this all-powerful God
not take his blessings away
nor his safety from evil
judgment is not in view to so many
for when it comes it will be with swift hand
and with an unaided reservation for those
who oppose themselves against God and all this is of God.

Monday, January 18, 2010

The Last Great Victory

Satan, the serpent, the great enemy of God, through pride has tried to turn man against God. Through pride, Satan who at one time was Lucifer, fell. Through pride, he thinks that he will overthrow God. Satan has been told of his defeat, and contrary to many Christian's beliefs, Satan is not stupid. He knows the final outcome. The Bible speaks very plainly about the serpent's head being crushed by the seed of the woman. God's word has declared the end of sin, the end of the man of sin, the defeat of death, but Satan doesn't just give in. This poem is contrived from the blessing we have as believers to know that this wicked one will be cast into the lake of fire one day, and OUR SAVIOR will be the victor. Praise God for a better hope than what Satan could ever offer.
Please enjoy...

The Last Great Victory

In eternal zest and power
You raise the riots hand
And strike with such empassioned force
At all their sorry band.

A host of millions ran one off
And laughs as though they’ve won
Yet in few days Christ proved that he
Is God’s eternal Son.

The serpent jests a sneer and hiss,
“You may have gained hearsay,
But I will stand again, not bend
Though you will bow that day.

An army, comes with all its pomp
It gathers all it’s kind
To take out God and all his host
But they’ll in Armaggedon find

This God, though ancient in his days
Is not a venerable, weak lout
Who lost his goings at the cross
And stands not firm and stout.

He rides a white horse
Swift and keen, not turning left nor right
But frank it rides, on with its glee
To watch its master’s fight

A moment, and He speaks the word,
“Burn,” and the foes begin to roast
It brings songs and cheers to the following band
As the enemies are toast

The wonder of the serpent’s way
His welsh when speaking false
But God Almighty speaks and all
He says it comes to pass

The end will come when God locks the key
Of death and hell to bind
The serpent fast in the lake of fire
To burn with none to mind.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Because Thou Sayest, I Am Rich, and Increased With Goods, and Have Need of Nothing

Our bellies are full, we think we are ok, we want material things and not spiritual. Yet we who think we are satisfied in this life with more and greater amounts of substance, all the while rejecting the Almighty God, will find an eternity of rejection. May this poem be a stern rebuke to us, yes I said us (lumping myself in), who think someone else will tell the good news of Jesus Christ's death, burial, and resurrection. May this be a great offence to us who think this world's offerings are treasures yet God's pleasures which he offers so rickly are menial, legalistic pressures to try to act the part of a Christian. Please read with openness and know that when written, this poem was all for me. If you take what is given here to be offensive, you may just find yourself needing to humbly realize that you are to whom God is trying to address as well.
Please enjoy...

Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing

Sitting, still in the same meetinghouse,
this moment alone, no preacher to drown out
my misconception of Almighty God.

It never seems to leave my wandering mind,
the talk of wonders never imaginable,
yet taken for granted by myriad neglect.

The words will stick to walls
and go no further than the follicles of hair
that stick high on cringed necks.

They leave in starvation and lack for The Living Bread
yet full and needless in mind of their longing soul.

They stoop from their safety nets and webs of distraction
to never see how longing they are for the dregs they cling to.

Where soon succulent stems of freedom comes
from a Holy Bible affront them
to their inattention, and to this the thought of legality.

Who stands to address their poverty
in such sated abandon for remorse?

Each time to them that expendable rebuke comes,
examining their deepest reason,
being so wretched as any man,
the obstruction of things so flighty makes us,
when shown how needless they are.

Through ignorance, and pride
we stand before men to seal their approbation
by the abundance we hold in store.

The Almighty implores of the lack we insist we have not
that He alone may heap upon us an abundant life
in that which others may not openly see.

The poverty stricken may lick his soars in this life,
yet stand before God in fullness,
though he who thinks this man a fool,
has already rejected this Almighty God,
and with a full belly steps into eternal torments
by proving himself the true fool.

Monday, January 11, 2010

If I Could, I Would

With as many excuses as we make in our life, we try to say we really weren't given a shot to do right. Maybe if we were given that shot we would do it, but... poor us... God has never given us the chance to serve him.
Please enjoy...
If I could, I would

If I could, I would read your word
Lord each day,
but I’m tired and this morning
in bed I will stay.

If I could, I would pray
for souls other than me,
but I don’t pray that often
and when I do it’s for me.

If I could, I would tell
sinners of thy wealth,
but I’ve got too much to do
and I just think of myself.

If I could, I would stay
till the Lord tells me, “when,”
but I’m much too impatient
and I don’t feel like waitin’.

If I could, I would go
wherever you lead,
but I’m comfortable now
and I have what I need.

If I could, I would live
for you everyday,
but that’d take too much trying
and that’s just not for me.

If I could, I would stretch out
my arms and give all,
but you’re not that important
to heed to your call.

If I could, I would read.
If I could, I would pray.
If I could, I would heed to the call that you make.
If I could, I would tell.
If I could, I would wait.
If I could, I would go to the farthest state.
If I could, I would live.
If I could, I would give.
I make so many excuses cause’ I just don’t believe.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Ignorance of Evolution

If there is anything in this world that I have come to despise, yea, I truly loathe the thought of, is this whole idea that evolution is true, there is no God, and all Christians are just ignorant fools looking for a crutch. I, though a fool with a great cause, am not looking for a crutch. Jesus Christ is no crutch to me; he is a stretcher. It takes much more faith to believe a God created than nothing just became.
Another idea I have in mind in this poem is the concentrated effort by man to think that they can fix this world. May I suggest the reason for abortions, teen pregancy, murder, etc. is that man is teaching their students the religion of EVILution and wondering why they are acting in such animalistic manners. Maybe it is that they truly believe what is being expressed in the classroom. Could it be that they are really acting as the Bible has said they would when they reject God? Nah, couldn't be.
Please enjoy...

The Ignorance of Evolution

We teach our children from whence they came
is alike to the monkey’s kin.
We tell them that embracing the whole
of life is the motive to live.
With fantasy, magic, and witchcraft, we say
there is nothing our minds cannot do,
and educate hard and you might change the course
of humanities ignorant few.
Wonders of science, falsely so called,
with theories made to be fact,
while Biblical truths, which never prov’n false,
are constantly being attacked.
“A God who created? one must be a fool,”
they say, “to believe such a lie”
as they stick up their nose at the heavens he made,
and think of the things they might find.
And think they have won, the decision is made,
the lie of this fake God is shown;
so go slink in your hole now, and wave the white flag
for it seems that our cover is blown.
We can’t teach how he made the heavens and man
when the majority is speaking it nay,
though God, filling all, says he alone is,
and those who reject, will kneel one day.
They do not fear God,
what a dire mistake to one who will bow at his feet;
I’d rather trust now, and know he is truth
then deny him and find hell for me.
He gave breath to those who strictly reserve
the use of their breath to blaspheme
the God of the way, the truth, and the life
their ignorance to them is unseen.
If teaching says, “apes you are from” then don’t be
surprised at the evidence you see,
your pupils doing such as you say that they are;
the banana doesn’t fall far from the tree.