Saturday, December 5, 2009

Horace Joseph Pollard

Two years ago today, my grandfather passed away. He was a great man. To be honest with you, I feared him greatly. He was a loving man, but he had some pretty strict standards. I could write for hours on end about how much I respected him, and also about how many things about him simply frustrated me. You may still have your grandparents around. Please don't neglect the time you have with them.

I loved, and still love my grandfather, but I would never desire to have him back here; not for the fact that he was a hard man, but because his faith, as he said, was in Jesus Christ. If that is the case, then I am looking forward to being in the same place as he. Why would I want him to come back to this sin-filled earth from the glory he is enjoying. He gets to be with Jesus. Man, I can't wait to have that!
Please enjoy...

Daniel Pollard
-A poem in memory of Grandpa
(The day after Grandpa passed away)

Horace Joseph Pollard

In times past, and there were many,
I could never find the words to say how much I care.
But when I saw your journey through my life
I cannot cease to remember the cause for which to joy.
Your hands, though often clenched, were open all the same.
Hollowed palms with enough to hold,
That I might receive your hug.
It may have seemed you as a hardened man,
Yet I could talk and find this one of whom there is shining light.
Grace was in your fingers when you had me smell your fist.
Never would I make that mistake again.
The times of joy and laughter were brought about
By your love for family.
Instruction was your gift, and you let us know it often.
Breaking often where your knees from holding boys over it.
A traveling milkman with a story to tell, and now…
It may be weird to not have you here,
But to know of your place, which you have received in glory,
Can never be considered odd.
Your faith was in your Savior,
And to that fact you held truth.
And now I know that I will see you again;
Not as a twinkle in my eye,
Or as a shiver in my spine,
Or as a ripple on the waves,
But as you are known in Heaven;
As a child of the King.
And this is why I can smile.
Praise Jesus name!