Monday, November 30, 2009


Something I learned through writing school is a very important key to life. At least I think it is. Just because you don't understand something, doesn't make it stupid or worthless. Poetry is definately that way. Literature classes are full of speculation to what the author was trying to say in his/her story or poem. I have always found the Bible to be an amazing book for many reasons: one, being that it is perfect (I have tried to find errors, but can't (neither has any pip-squeak professor), and though there are many other reasons I can say, this other reason will be sufficient to help you to understand what I really wanted to say in the first place. The other reason the Bible is simply amazing to me is because we have the author of it to explain every detail if we would just go to him, study the words he gave us, and trust Him for the truth of it in utter perfection.

The benefit you have to this blog is that some poems may cause you to scratch your head, but you have the creator of the writings right here if you need me.

In this case, I will give you the poem today, and then tomorrow I will try to explain what was going through my pee-sized head when I wrote it. Please don't look at this as the only way it can be interpreted. As a writer, this can be just as much of a hinderance as a benefit. Please don't make that statement to be true. I know this is not a poem about God, but something about it always makes me smile.
Please enjoy...


You, soarin’
in the yard
on my swing,
flyin’ away
ripping in-
to a pile of
yellow and
reds. Your
blank eyes
soar broad,
faintly in
the clouds
and back in
view again.
Stop flyin’
on my swing-
it’s my turn
to shatter
this sound
barrier. Do
you see the
changes in
the sky? I am
now under a
star as it’s
flashed in
as I squint,
throwing a
to the back
of my brain,
forcing me
to reach in-
to deas it’s
flashed in
as I squint,
throwing a
to the back
of my brain,
forcing me
to reach in-
to deep dry
grass as my
sight goes
dim, waking
up, lying on
this Earth,
flat with a
laugh thru
the ground.